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Imię lali: Dawn Zweers

Pani Ewo nie prawda i nawet Pani się nie spytała o dane. Pozdrawiam M.


Imię lali: Daria

Wszystkie mamy ostrzegam przed wymianą lal z osobą podpisaną post niżej. Jak zgodzicie się na wymianę lal z Mają, nie odzyskacie swojej ani ona wam swojej nie odeśle. Na pewno nie poda wam swojego adresu do wysłania lali. To młoda osoba, ale cwana i wyrachowana. Dlaczego tak piszę? Mało nie dałam się jej nabrać, dlatego. Uważajcie na nią, proszę.


Imię lali: Tymek-Dawn Zweers

Witam, Szukam osoby chętnej na wymianę lal ale nie tej której imię jest zamieszczone (była robiona przez Panią Jagodę) Tylko mam lalę model Nina Gudrun Legler robioną przez inną rebornistkę. Podaję swój email [email protected] Pozdrawiam serdecznie plus zainteresowane mamy proszę o kontakt na maila :*


Imię lali: Kordian

I just wanted to say Thank You! He is absolutely gorgeous! The details and the texture are truly a work of art! You have an amazing gift! He is the most realistic baby I have, and everyone is amazed at his realism! I am so happy, and thankful for a beautiful little boy!


Imię lali: Proost

Hey Jagoda, Thanx for my beautifull Ellanora (Ella, lmtd edition by Cassie Brace (Peek) and Rachel Maynard for Dollimixtures, that I bought from you, my second baby from your hand. :-D she is beautifull! Amazing babysofthair, non of my reborns do have such natural feeling hair... Se is on YouTubeand my subscribers love her! Xo Elza from The Netherlands, Europe.


Imię lali: Maja

W mojej opinii Pani Jagoda to najlepsza rebornerka. Majeczka jest śliczna, perfekcyjnie wykonana w każdym detalu - prawdziwe dzieło sztuki. Pani Jagodo jeszcze raz serdeczne dzięki za to małe cudeńko i oczywiście za wszystkie dodatki, które znalazły się w wyprawce :)


Imię lali: Dawn

Laleczka przesliczna!!!! Powalająco realistyczna. jest naszym malym Skarbem:)


Imię lali: Lil

I purchased a reborn from Jagoda. I fell in love with his sweet face and beautiful painting and rooting in his pictures, however, I wasn't nearly prepared for how stunning he was actually going to be. It was obvious he was packed with care, despite customs being rather nosey, but he still arrived safely with a wonderful layette. The box and goodies quickly faded the second my gaze fell upon the baby boy. No detail was left undone, no crease left untouched. His mottling, veining, skin tone, and blushing is subtle but full of depth and realism. His feet and toes are sweet and pink and his hands and fingers are just right. His nails are gently painted and true to real life. My favorite part of him though is his face and head as a whole. From his perfect rooting and finely painted baby hairs at the hair line, to his sweet kissable lips...all of it is perfectly painted! There is so much depth to his face! Even upon close inspection, every aspect is REAL! He has the most realistic capillaries in his ears, on his cheeks, and his eyelids. His cheeks have the sweetest blushing. His brows are perfectly painted and his blue undertones are spot on. I will have to say my favorite detail put in would be his eyelids. They are gently purple-y with itty bitty capillaries...it is SO realistic, just like my nephew. Eyelids are easy to over look, but these are stunning! And finally...we get to his "just right" weighting and stuffing. I haven't owned a doll yet where I haven't changed the weight or distribution or polyfill...but him. He flops correctly, he poses correctly, when you pick him up he needs his head supported...but it doesn't flop too much. His weight is perfect...not too heavy, not too light. His stuffing is correct allowing him to look realistically plump. He isn't understuffed and is far from being overstuffed. I have no desire to change him at all! I cannot speak highly enough about the wonderful reborning Jagoda does! She is top quality! I highly recommend a Jaunty Blueberry baby to EVERYONE! You won't be disappointed! It's impossible!

Erin (now Stadler)

Imię lali: Jola

Heya Jagoda! I'd thought I'd leave you a lovely message to let you know that you're an amazing artist and I love Jola! You did a fantastic job on her! She is more than I imagined her to be! I am so happy, thank you so much!!!


Imię lali: Proost

Hello, Jagoda. I am very happy with my new reborn baby boy. You did a great job on reborning him! He is chubby and heavy! But then he is a three month old. We had a good contact, and everything went great. He was home in four days! Thank you very much, also for the nice outfits! You are very talented. Hugs! Elza


Imię lali: jack sculpt

Baby Arrived Today , Must say she is the best baby i have seen , the skin is amazing , and the rooting of the hair , i am genuinly impressed with her, I would highly recommend her babies and would definetly buy again , so proud of my little one ...


Imię lali: Olaf (Maksi)

Hi Jagoda, sorry to take so long to contact you but I have been busy with my new Baby-- getting him settled in, feeding, changing, cuddling, etc.! He is so beautiful and lifelike, when I took him out of his box when he arrived it was like lifting a real live baby out of a box! How did you do that? You have a remarkable talent! I have named him Olaf Maksymilian, I call him" Maksi"! Thank you so much for working with me to get this beautiful baby! I will leave feedback for you and put you in my Favorites List. Thanks again! Jeannie (Maksi's mom)


Imię lali: Gracjan

Hello dear, guess whos in my lap right now... I am totally in love with him, hes amazing!!! You did a great job hes so detailed and perfect. Thank you soooo much!! Have a lovely christmas!


Imię lali: Emil

Just wanted to let you know that My precious Baby Boy Reborn arrived safely. You do outstanding work and I hope that I am able to purchase another doll from you in the future. My Granddaughter will be amazed on Christmas morning when she first sees this beautiful boy! Have a wonderful Holiday & Happy New year


Imię lali: Marcelinka

Właśnie otrzymałam kolejne cudo-Marcelinkę. Malutka jest prześliczna, nie mogę się na nią napatrzeć!!!!Dziękuję baaaardzo Pani Jagodo:-)